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We provide the best Uganda products with our range of detailed organic food stuffs, vegetables, cereals, fruits, ingredients among others with a variety of tests
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Our Markets

We have been providing safe, nutritious, and high quality fresh fruit and vegetable products to the food service industry in and around Uganda. Our goal is to consistently provide you with a fresh, safe, and quality product which conforms to your specifications. We welcome last-minute orders, as we are specialists in quick turnaround time.

Our fresh-cut products include: onions, potatoes, lettuce, melons, apples, tomatoes, carrots, celery, peppers, and much more. We start with the freshest, highest quality produce, then cut and package it to meet our customers’ needs.

08 Sep 2019

Why choose us

We’re a subscription box of misfit fruits and vegetables making it easy and affordable for all of us to eat healthy. We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of food waste by helping delicious food find a good home. Your home.
08 Sep 2019

Our purpose

Almost half of the food grown by farmers in this country is never sold, but eating healthy keeps getting more expensive. This is a cycle of food waste that needs to end, and there’s a very simple solution to this very ugly problem. CONSORTIUM PATRICK & APARNA INVESTMENTS LTD.

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We are researchers of the oil industrial and its impact in UGANDA and the whole of East Africa. We continue basing our expertise in preparing a wide range of studies and consultancies for industrial minerals industry read more....

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